About Us


How Minifiglabs started 

Minifiglabs was formed in 2013 when a group of AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO)and friends got together and decided to merge their love for LEGO and unique customized gifts and share it with the world. We have not looked back since, and the company has continued to grow over the years. We now have a small but diverse group of designers, animators and production engineers at our lab who ensure that the utmost care is given to every custom minifig or set which is produced and sent to our customers from all over the world.  

Our Print Quality

We are always looking for ways to improve our print quality and techniques. We are proud to say that all our printing is done at the highest possible resolution of 1800 dpi.

Our Design Team

Our Minifiglabs team comprises passionate individuals with a wide range of skill sets who are able to meet all your customised LEGO minifig needs. Our designers work with the LEGO art style in mind, ensuring that your own creations blend in seamlessly with all existing LEGO minifigures or sets. In addition, every member of our team is fully immersed in the entire pipeline from designing to printing. We firmly believe that knowing what is involved during printing makes us better designers, and vice versa. 

Our Brick Artist Buddies

We work very closely with award winning brick artists whose builds have been widely recognised by the international LEGO community to create our custom sets. This ensures that the build we create is not only structurally sound, but beautiful as well!

Our RnD

Not only are we constantly looking into providing our customers with better printing techniques, we are also in search of ways to add value to our minifigs and LEGO elements. We truly hope to create something new and exciting for everyone who knocks on the doors of Minifiglabs! Thus far, we have experimented with adding fabric to minifigs to create skirts/ capes, recolouring LEGO parts, and 3D printing and moulding custom accessories. As we are fully aware that your customised LEGO minifigs or sets are not complete without proper packaging, we spare no effort into coming up with the most creative and aesthetically pleasing packaging options to suit your every need.